Reading With Kids

How early should you start reading to your kids? At The Story Cloth Shop, we are firm believers in reading to our children and the children in our care when they are very little. Babies can start recognizing pictures as early as three months old, and can start recognizing language as early as six months old. This means that the time we invest in reading to our children is of utmost importance. 

How to Create a Habit of Reading

1. Have books at home. We carry both the Hmongbaby Books and Reading Karma here. The Hmongbaby Books are perfect for younger children, while the Reading Karma books are suited for older children. 

2. Ask for books as gifts from grandparents, families and friends. Books are truly an investment towards your children's growth and love for learning.

3. Strive to read for ten minutes everyday. Whether it's first thing in the morning, after work, or right before bed, make it a tradition and something that your kids will be able to look forward to. I personally love to get our reading done right before bed. I let my kids pick out one book each, and we enjoy it together.

4. Make it fun. Don't just read straight through! Use variations in your voice, and find ways to relate what you are reading to what your children know and understand.

5. Create your own habit of reading. When your children see you reading, it helps them to create their habit of enjoying a good book as well. I love seeing my children sitting in the living room, reading their books. My littlest one can't read, but it is the cutest thing to see her pretend to read.

6. Encourage grandparents and other caretakers to read to your children. Look for our Hmong and dual language books in our shop. These are great for grandparents to read to their grandkids. 

We'd love to hear about how you are creating and cultivating a habit of reading with your children!

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