Staff Picks: March 2019 Monthly Favorites



1. I attended the Hmong Women Today Retreat 2019 hosted by Annie, Choua and their fabulous staff. It was such an amazing experience, and definitely one of my favorite thing this month! I'll have another post up soon about my whole experience!

2. We can't stop listening to this song from Death Rhyme featuring Lily Vang. This song is beautifully written and sung about a mother's loss.


3. We love this feature on the Air America Association, Inc's Facebook page on Hmong nurses. We love learning more about our people during the year, especially since the Hmong people were part of an undercover operation.



4. This story is a beautiful reminder of the privilege we have as a generation that grew up and was educated here in the United States. Remember the sacrifices of our parents, and their love for us. Read it here.

5. We were completely awe-inspired by this Hmong video game developer, Renee Ya. We continue to support our Hmong men and women going into fields that pave the way for those to come behind. Thank you for what you do Renee! You can follow her on her Facebook page here and watch the video on her here

What were your favorites this month? Please do share, and tag us!

The Story Cloth Shop Team


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