Peb Hais Lus Hmoob Challenge: February, Week 6

Conversation Hearts...  
We have so many things to say, but sometimes just a simple phrase will fill hearts of those around us.  This week in continuing with our "Love" theme, we created conversation hearts to help communicate those simple and meaningful phrases.  We have included the English translations as well. 
These hearts can be used to play MATCH game for your children.  They can match the English words to the Hmong words or print double the Hmong Phrases and have your children match the Hmong Phrases with the same Hmong Phrases. There are so many ways to use these hearts.       
Modifications:  Say the phrases and point to each word( for the younger children).                      
Follow this format
        You say, We say, they say.        
Challenge:  Hold the English cards and have your child say the Hmong Translation. 

Don't forget to share your activities on social media and tag us @TheStoryClothShop and use our #PebHaisLusHmoobChallenge. We would LOVE to see how your children are progressing.

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