Peb Hais Lus Hmoob Challenge: February, Week 7

Unscramble and Write

We hope you are enjoyed the flashcards from last week.  This week, your child will be unscrambling words.  These are some words from last week that they were practicing with, so they should be familiar with them.  

Directions: There are six words for your child to unscramble.  Match the number on the card to the number on the second sheet, unscramble, and then write the word on the line.  

Modification (younger ones):  Using last weeks flashcards, show and say the words, and have them repeat.  The more they are expose to the words, by seeing, saying, etc., the more they will remember. Help your child unscramble.  You can also cut the hearts to help with the unscrambling.

Challenge:  Write a sentence on the third page with some of the words that you have learned from the previous weeks and read the sentence to someone.  

Don't forget to share your activities on social media and tag us @TheStoryClothShop and use our #PebHaisLusHmoobChallenge. We would LOVE to see how your children are progressing.
Click below to download this week's challenge. 

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