Peb Hais Lus Hmoob Challenge: March, Week 13

I Spy...

We've been learning about animals all month long, and our final March activity is a little test on how your little learners are doing. 
For this week's activity, have your children find the farm animals. Instead of saying the English animals in English, say them in Hmong and have your little learners find them. If they need additional assistance, tell them the English equivalent, but be sure to say the Hmong word and have them repeat the word. Find all the animals, even the ones that are hiding!
Remember, repetition is key! Enjoy! 
Don't forget to share your activities on social media and tag us @TheStoryClothShop and use our #PebHaisLusHmoobChallenge. We would LOVE to see how your children are progressing. 
-The Story Cloth Shop Team

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