Peb Hais Lus Hmoob Challenge: Week 38

Weather Wheel

This week, we have a fun craft.  It's a weather wheel. We want your child to practice asking and replying what the weather is like this week using the weather wheel. Directions on how to assemble the weather wheel is below.

How to Put the Weather Wheel Together

All you need is the printed template, scissors, hole punch, and a brad fastener.  For best results, print on cardstock. 
First, cut out the wheel and ice cream cone with the question. Cut along the blue dots within the triangle of the ice cream cone. Punch a hole in the middle of the weather wheel and the tip of the triangle. Punch a hole in the middle of the wheel. Use a hole punch if you have it for the triangle and the tip of the scissors would work for the wheel.
After that, fasten the cone and the weather wheel together with a brad. First, it goes into the hole in the cone then into the wheel.
Open the tabs and secure the pin in place.
The wheel is ready to use!
Don't forget to share your activities on social media and tag us @TheStoryClothShop and use our #PebHaisLusHmoobChallenge. We would LOVE to see how your children are progressing.  
-The Story Cloth Shop Team

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