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Yer Wrate is our Brand Manager.

She was born and raised in sunny California.  Her family lived in Santa Barbara until she was age 3.  Her parents moved the family to Merced and then finally settled in Fresno. She attended Roosevelt High School and Fresno City College, where she met her husband, Abel Wrate. Soon after receiving her Associates of Liberal Arts, she transferred to Fresno State University for a year before moving to Phoenix, AZ.  There, Yer attended and graduated from Arizona State University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. She taught for a few years but decided to go in another direction. 

Eventually, her husband’s career brought them to Washington State and now resides in  Aloha, Oregon with her three children, ages 12, 2, and 1. When Yer is not working on the Story Cloth Shop, you can find her spending time with her little family, thrifting for clothing, filming a video for YouTube, and enjoying a good book. 


Fun Facts About Yer

My favorite hobby is to play tennis when my children and the weather allows it.

My guilty pleasure is to watch Netflix and eat yummy food.

My hidden talents are...I can actually cook and bake.

Some activities on my bucket list are to travel the world, go scuba diving,  and go on a cruise.  I have many more but that’s just a few.

My proudest accomplishment is giving birth to my children.

What's a perfect day look like for you?

A perfect day for me would be hanging out on the beach with my little family, watching my children play in the sand, and just enjoying the present.

What's one thing you have been putting off doing?

One thing I have been putting off is exercising.  I need to step it up, get healthy and in shape for myself and my family.  

If you could say one thing to your 19-year-old self, what would it be?

I would tell my 19-year-old self to slow down and enjoy life.  Sometimes you cannot get to everything and/or please everyone.  



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  • Ms Yer is a beautiful person..inside and out!! I am blessed to know her!

    Ruthie Winterholler

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