Nqaij Qaib Vom (Boiled Chicken)

During one of my hikes with my girlfriends this year, we enjoyed a delicious nqaij qaib vom when we reached the top of our hike. That moment of sharing the boiled chicken brought back so many memories of my childhood. 

Growing up, my mom would prepare nqaij qaib vom for long road trips and hiking trips. When we had guests stay overnight, she would prepare this and pack some rice for our guests when they leave for their journey home. When we had different family gatherings and events, this was also a staple in the food spread.

Because it is such a simple dish, I did not fully appreciate this meal growing up. Only as an adult living away from my family did I realize how delicious and how representative this dish is of our Hmong heritage, one of simplicity but also substance. 

The chicken used in our dish is from an asian store, and not the typical Tyson-build chickens. The meat is leaner and earthier, and representative of the type of chickens that are usually raised by Hmong families.

We hope you enjoy this very simple, but delicious dish!

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