Nraug Laus Series: If It Happens, It Happens

Our Nraug Laus that we interviewed, sure has his head on straight when it comes to being single.  He is definitely not looking for a relationship at the moment, but if he runs into the right girl, he would't say no either.  Read more about his interview below and let us know what you think. 

How old are you?
I am 30 years old.

What is your current relationship status?
I am single right now.  I'm not really looking. I think if it happens it happens.  If it doesn't, its okay, too. Other guys my age tend to be more promiscuous.  As you get older, you tend to know what you what.  You're driven by your career instead of just getting in a relationship with just anybody. Yea, it's more of you wanting to know someone on a deeper level or not. 

How many siblings do you have, and what is your birth order? Are they married or single? How does your Mom pressure you to get married? 

I am the second youngest of six. All my brothers and sisters are divorced or have been divorced.  No. My Mom wants me to take my time and when I find the right one then she'll be happy.

Are your parents divorced or together? If Yes, did it have an affect on you or prevented you from being in a relationship/marriage? Or no affect at all?

Yes, they are divorced. Someone told me that my family is cursed and that my great-grandparents also were remarried. My grandfather from my mom side had 3 wives. My mom's mom abandoned them when my mother was young. So, they were raised by their second mom.

Oh wow. I'm curious about the curse. Was it a family member from the clan who said that or just other Hmong people who know about your family history.

My aunt told me that.  So, I guess I'm trying to break that curse, waiting for the real deal before I settle.  Also, child support is expensive.

I definitely agree with you on child support being expensive.  Next question, have you had an opportunity for marriage?

No, not yet since I have been honorably discharged from the military.  I have been very career focused especially doing music and working in x-ray which takes a lot of time. Although, I have met some wonderful women recently, our personalities just don't match.

Not sure if you guys live near relatives but do they say stuff to you about getting old and not finding a wife yet? 

I don't really have close relatives.  Growing up with a divorced mom, we didn't have that many relatives that come visit. Those that do come, they understand the struggle of life of America, being divorced, and having a career; career comes first.

Whoa. That's nice.  We have just a couple more questions left.  Here is the next one.

Have you dated non-Hmong women? Why/Why not? 

The answer is yes.  I think women of all colors are beautiful from the darkest ebony to pearliest white. Each women is beautiful in their own way. 

Do you see yourself marrying outside of Hmong people?

I wouldn't mind marrying outside of my race, if the right lady came along.

Is NOT singing a deal breaker? 

Kind of but not. They don't have to be amazing.  They just have to have an interest in singing and music.

Last question.  Do you have advice or words of wisdom to those who are still single and over 30? 

My advice is live your life, explore the world and take things one day at a time and don't let social media and the pressure of other people get to you. Stay true to yourself.

We want to thank our Nraug Laus for sharing his perspective.  We wish him all the luck.


  • Thank you to the Nraug Laus for sharing & for the awesome advice/words of wisdom that I totally agree with. I hope you all the best in the near future :)

  • i’m 40 and still single. struggling between being an old single man in the traditional hmong community or facing the stigma of getting a wife overseas in today’s society.


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