Recipe: Squash Soup (Taub)

Growing up, my mom would make squash soup and my older brother and I would consume this like it was a dessert. It probably helped that my mom added generous scoops of sugar ;) 

As an adult, eating squash soup takes me right back to my mom's kitchen. Sitting down with a hot bowl of squash soup is the ultimate indulgence for me.

Even though we call this dish 'taub' which literally means pumpkin, I've never used actual pumpkin. I've always used a squash called kabocha. I would also surmise to say that most Hmong families have never use actual pumpkins but use a variation of the kabocha squash. 

Kabocha is a Japanese squash and has a dark green skin with a very vibrant orange color. It is a good source of beta-carotene (good for skin, eyes, and immune system). It is dense and sweet.

This dish is super simple, but it holds a big part of most Hmong childhoods from more traditional families. 

What memories does this squash soup hold for you?



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