Staff Picks: April 2019 Monthly Favorites



April came and went! And fabulous it was. We're so excited to move into May, but before we do, here's our favorite picks for the month of April!

1. Thriving on Love

Started by Sheng, Thriving on Love was started "with the intention to heal and uplift the world through love." She currently carries three designs of shirts with different messages:

-Choose Love

-Choose Kindness

-Choose Courageousness

To read more about her Choose series, click here. And check out this beautiful video!

Thriving on Love Movement by Der Her from Sheng Vue on Vimeo.

2. Hmong National Development 2019

This year, HND was held in San Jose, California, and I had such a blast. I walked away feeling completely inspired, and wanting to learn more about my culture, who I am as it relates to my cultural identity, and especially my language. I'll do a full post about this soon so keep an eye out for this! 


3. House Bill 56 - Hmong-American Veterans Day

As a Hmong-American, I've struggled immensely with the fact that our Hmong veterans had never been properly recognized for their part during the Vietnam War. My earliest memories of my Grandpa were of him with his Vietnam War cap, and it gives me peace that House Bill 56 is moving to the Senate for consideration. If passed, House Bill 56 will establish May 15th as Hmong-American Veterans Day to recognize the Hmong people's contribution during the War. Read the story here.

4. Kinjaz Twinjaz

VillN & MPACT of the Kinjaz were the keynote speakers during the banquet at HND 2019, and their story was incredibly inspiring. Their energy on stage was amazing. And they were super personable, and hung around to mingle. 

5. We were completely moved from this story of Pahoua Lee-Kongkeo and her journey from being separated from her family to being reunited. The time spent in between those two events is a testament to us of the greater power of the Universe, as well as the love of a mother, not by birth, but by the truest sense of love for a child. Read the story here.

Until next month,

The Story Cloth Shop Team

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