Staff Picks: December 2018 Monthly Favorites

December can be such a whirlwind, coming off the highs of Thanksgiving and right into a season of to-dos and traveling. Here's what kept our December lighthearted, inspired, and fun.
1. Zong Pha Xiong CD - We have this CD on repeat, and it's easy to understand why. There are two versions of Xiong's debut song, Liam Rau Kuv, on this CD, and they are both beautifully sung and the lyric is incredibly catchy. Other favorites include Tso Kuv Ce ft. Cecile Kay Xiong which mixes Hmong White and Hmong Green tones and Rov Tau Sib Ntsib sung about the effect of the war and the displacement of our Hmong people. We're excited to see what Xiong has upcoming for his music. Purchase his single Liam Rau Kuv here. You can also catch him on his Youtube Channel here. Expect some new music dropping in July 2019!
Photo Courtesy: Zong Pha Xiong 
2. Teej Hawj - If you've seen this video circulating around, you'll see why it landed a spot in our monthly favorites! It's slightly crazy and addictive all at the same time. Teej currently lives in Fresno and considers himself "partly single". Expect some new music coming out from him in the future!
Photo Courtesy: Teej Hawj 
3. Spirit Beside Me, the first Hmong drama. We've been actively following the upcoming drama series "Spirit Beside Me" on their Instagram. The cinematic behind the series is amazing. Follow along with them and see the behind the scenes and meet the actors on their Instagram here. If you haven't yet, watch the trailer here.

Spirit Beside Me - Pilot Episode from Windstruck Production on Vimeo


4. Folk Stories of the Hmong: Peoples of Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam - This is a wonderful book that is easy to read with the whole family. The book gives a short overview on some of the background of the Hmong people and then dives into a lot of short stories that are told in the Hmong community. Buy it here. You can also purchase by clicking on the image below.
This is our last post of 2018! We'll see you all in the new year!!!
The Story Cloth Shop Team

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