Staff Picks: February 2019 Monthly Favorites

1. This beautiful little girl is not even two yet, and she's already making an impact! Over half a million photos went to Gerber, and Kairi caught the eyes of the judges. We are so happy to see the diversity of the Gerber baby! Read more about Kairi here.

2. There are not many books out there that depicts the journey of the Hmong people, especially picture books. We were thrilled to have stumbled across this historical fiction picture book, The Hmong Journey (Hmoob Txoj Kev Taug), written by Ger Thao. This was definitely a favorite, and we can't wait to do a full book review soon!

3. We love the documentation of our Hmong people, and because February is Love Month, we especially appreciated this video of one of our Hmong aunts telling her love story. It's easy to forget that our elders were young once, and had the same feelings and thoughts and love like we do.

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