Staff Picks: July 2019 Monthly Favorites


July was a hot and busy month for our team! We all had family vacations, gatherings, and a lot of time in the sun. As we enter into August, here is a recap of the things that we enjoyed in July!

1. This is such a beautiful song for all our nyab to remind them of their worth not only as a nyab but as a woman and a person. 


2. Wow! This is amazing news for one of our Hmong brothers right here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! 


3. Watch this beautiful documentary about the Hmong people here in the United States here

4. Did you ever eat this dish growing up? My mom made this for us all the time, and this video made it easy for me to follow along! I made it several times in July, and it's absolutely delicious and easy to make!

Happy August!


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