Staff Picks: June 2019 Monthly Favorites


This month was a speedy month, and we've got a few favorites on our list. 

1. This short clip is part of a full movie that showcases a few of the stories from our people's experiences. Even though this clip is just under three minutes, it's impossible not to feel the pain and the trauma of that really hard time. You can purchase the full movie here

2. On a much lighter note, we thoroughly enjoyed this video from Kim Xiong, with special appearance from Paj Yeeb Muas. This is a raw adaptation from Boys Over Flowers, and we can't stop laughing!

3. I was able to read Karst Mountains Will Bloom with the book club that I'm a part of. The book is a collection of poems by Pos Moua along with contributing authors, and a series of the poems are about his escape during the Vietnam War. Learn more here.

4. We love these gorgeous earrings designed by April Yang. We love the delicateness and beautiful colors. You can check out more of her stuff on her Instagram here.

Have a great rest of the month!


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