Staff Picks: May 2020 Monthly Favorites

1. We had such a fun time listening to the first Heal Hmong Concert (which you can restream here), and was just as excited for the Heal Hmong Concert #2. We especially enjoyed David Yang, Surpryze, Chenning Xiong, and of course, Lee Kong Xiong! From all the comments we saw during the Live Stream, he was definitely a hit among the women crowd!
Thank you to Tou Ger Xiong and 3 Hmong TV for organizing such great online events during this quarantine! It was definitely a healing event with international Hmong stars.
2. We love the coloring pages that Nkauj Shoua Vang created for her friend.  She shares some of these printables below.  If you want to see when she releases new work, please follow her on her Facebook page Art by Gaoshua.
3. If you grew up watching Beauty & the Beast, you are familiar with this memorable song. KB Xiong and Kristine Xiong Yang did a beautiful rendition of this song! Please keep singing you two! 
4. Although COVID-19 has caused a lot of people to have to slow down or stop, it hasn't stopped them from worrying about how to make up time. One of those people is Sunisa Lee, who has spent the majority of her life training for 2021 Olympics. We enjoyed following her journey in this New York Times interview. You can read here.
5. On May 12th, Governor Walz (of Minnesota) signed a bill to raise the legal marriage age to 18. This will be effective August 1, 2020. Read the full article here.
In a culture where marriage is allowed at such a young age (below 18 years of age) and in a state where there is a high population of Hmong people, this is a big step to ensuring that child marriages will no longer occur. Although it's still common for Hmong couples to have common law marriages, this bill opens up a conversation that needs to be had in our Hmong community.
What did you enjoy in May?
- The Story Cloth Shop Team

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