Staff Picks: October 2019 Monthly Favorites

We hope you had a wonderful October! As we are closing up on 2019, and entering a new decade, there is much to be joyful for, and much to look back on during 2019. 

Here's what came across our attention in October! 

1. Atop Angel's Landing 

What a wonderful story about reaching a goal through the help of those around us! Through the help of F5 Challenge, Shue Vang of Fresno, California was able to get to the top of Angel's Landing despite his struggles with muscular dystrophy. Read more of the story here.


2. Learn Vegetables

 What a catchy song! We loved how cute the little kids were, and all the different vegetables (some that we had never even heard of before!). Share this video with your kids, nephews, nieces, and friends! 


3. Sunisa Lee

What an amazing collections of performance in this video. Sunisa continues to excel, and to show strength in her performances despite her father's condition.


4. Wisconsin Bill to provide state benefits for Hmong veterans

If passed, a new Wisconsin bill could provide state benefits for Hmong veterans. The Hmong people have never been recognized as soldiers in the war, and thus excluded from veteran benefits. Despite the hardships and the trauma suffered during the time of the "Secret War," this lack of recognition has added to the difficulties that the elders have had to endure in the United States. 

We are excited for this Bill, and excited for what it will do to help our Hmong veterans! Read more here.



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