Tips: How to Store Your Hmong Clothes

Did you grow up once a year, pulling out your beautiful and vibrant handmade Hmong clothes from a dusty old luggage/ suitcase that was pushed to the back of the closet? Are your silver jewelry wrapped up in potty training pads or tissue paper and packed in with everything else? 

Here at The Story Cloth Shop, we're wondering why don't we store these heritage pieces more thoughtfully? Today, Kaolee is sharing the ways she is choosing to honor and organize the different pieces of our cultural wear. If any of you were gifted with heritage pieces that were passed down by generations, don't you think that we should put some effort into preserving such beautiful garments?

We want to remind you that so much time and love was involved in the making of one whole entire outfit. We assume that back in the day, you'd be lucky if you had at least one whole and completed outfit to wear out for the New Year celebrations. Look at the luxuries we have now. To be able to have the resources at our fingertips and collect or buy them as we please. What we want to share with you are better ways to appreciate and safeguard these keepsakes. 

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