Staff Picks: January 2019 Monthly Favorites

January flew by! We're definitely off to the races, and we are loving 2019 so far! Here's what kept us optimistic and laughing through the first month of the year.

1. Did someone say Mes Es? We can't help laughing over this interview of Mykurt Lor by Ah Her. Mykurt was a super good sport, participating in follow up videos mocking his misunderstanding of her request. 

We caught up with Ah Her who currently resides in Sacramento, California. She was inspired by others who were also making funny videos. What she enjoys most about being a comedian is getting the chance to make people laugh, and getting to see them smile. She asked her friend if he would want to help her, and he helped her by giving her ideas. When asked how they decided on who to interview, she said they randomly selected people, but a lot of people were shy and didn't want to be on camera at all. 

We specifically asked about the interview with Mykurt. When she was interviewing Mykurt, she asked him to sing his best khwv txhiaj but he answered back with Mes Es (which means goat in hmong). She was confused and asked him "Mes es ib yam li mes es noob leeeeeeeees" and he was confused by that so they both ended up being very confused.

Ah was definitely surprised by the acceptance of the Hmong community but plans to continue to make her Hmong community be happy as well as reach other people as well with her comedy.

Thank you for having courage to try something new and different, and we look forward to seeing more from you Ah!


2. When we talk about the war in Laos, we focus a lot on General Vang Pao and the men during the war. When this picture resurfaced on Facebook, it was a reminder to us of the Hmong women and the strength they exhibited during the war. We all know that Hmong women create impact wherever they go, and we are sure that their impact was felt by those around them during the war.

3. Dreams Givers - We have to give a shout out to our brother Her Vang and his nonprofit Dreams Givers. He continues to take what he's learned and help teach our little brothers and sisters in Thailand. If you would like to learn more about Her and the work he is doing, go here


4. Squash Soup - If you didn't see our recipe for the squash soup, look here. It's so perfect and what we've been craving especially now with the snow storms hitting the Northeast of the States.


Hope you all are staying warm!

The Story Cloth Shop Team

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